TIP-Fest 2018: X-rappu

11.11. Maiju Tainio & Marja Susi

What kind of weird noises are coming from your neighbor? What happens if you talk with your neighbor? X-rappu is a show about the extraordinary residents of an ordinary apartment building. The show tells us the everyday stories that happen in an ordinary house, but the truth is we all have secrets. The show is […]

1+ / Vintti-näyttämö, TEHDAS Teatteri

TIP-Fest 2018: Questions about Karelia

9.11. Timo Väntsi

Paper theatre solo brings Karelia topic to discussion.

12+ / Vintti-näyttämö, Tehdasteatteri

Gone with the Wind

24.8. Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

"With enough courage you can do without a reputation!"

13+ / Sampo 2018, Teatteri Avoimet Ovet

Tuntematon leijona

27.4.–29.4.2018 Ishmael Falke, Grus grus teatteri
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Maamme tärkein kissaeläin nostetaan pöydälle! Sadan vuoden uskollisen palvelun jälkeen Suomen leijona pitää paussin vaakunassa poseeraamisesta, avaa suunsa ja vihdoin puhuu!

16+ / TEHDAS Teatteri, Turku

CROAK -or the unexpected joys and perils of singing

9.3.–17.2.2018 Porin Sinfonietta & Poike ry

The first long Puppet Opera in Nordic Countries

12+ / Promenadi Hall, Yrjönkatu 17, Pori, Finland

TIP-Fest 2017: Big Bear

19.11. Dirty Duckling

Dirty Duckling presents The Big Bear: performance about children, bears and loneliness 

6+ / TEHDAS Theatre, Turku

TIP-Fest 2017: Siira’s Journey to Circus

16.11.–19.11.2017 TEHDAS Theatre

Wonderful performance full of buzzing, humming, whirring and every kind of bits of insect’s life.

3+ / Jo-Jo Theatre, Turku (in Russian), Jo-Jo Theatre, Turku (in Finnish)


Laura Sillanpää

Performance about meeting of grab and woman.


Razpunsel -Diva in the Tower

25.11.–10.12.2016 TEHDAS Teatteri

Visual dance theater for adults.

16+ / Alfa Center, Raunistulantie 25, Turku

A Hundred and one Unicorns

Teatteri SudenEnne & TEHDAS Teatteri

Shadows, magical moments and sense experiences


Agatha, with love

TEHDAS Teatteri

Murders, puppets, puppet murders...


Little Winter and color tree

4.12.–11.12.2016 TEHDAS Teatteri

Rampage, joyous cavort, rush of independence, new friends and all the colors of the rainbow!

3+ / Timantti, Seikkailupuisto, Turku

Miss Rosita’s desires

TEHDAS Teatteri

A puppet skit in the spirit of Federico García Lorca.


Goldy Retriever and a weirdly peeved winged creature

Teatteri SudenEnne

Puppetry and dog comic art



TEHDAS Teatteri

Performance about breaking gender- and sexual norms


The Big Bear

Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

Contemporary puppetry performance with more than 50 teddies, bear fact and one really big bear.

6+, 6+

My dear friend Baron von Münchausen

TEHDAS Teatteri
Nukketeatteria Turusta by Aura of Puppets

Praise for the stories we share to each other over a cup of coffee.



2.2. TEHDAS Teatteri

Objective theatre about borders

7+ / Oulun kaupunginteatteri, pieni näyttämö

Hellion’s Spell

Käppi – Rajala – Räikkä



Lady Macbeth –Would I be good enough to be a king?

23.2.–4.3.2017 Nukkehallitus

Murders, music and the miracle of life.

16+ / WHS Teatteri Union, Siltavuorenranta 18, Helsinki

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