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Aura of Puppets provides various high-quality performances for
spectators of all ages. The puppeteers of Turku are particularly well
known for their adult-oriented performances.

Here you can explore our current shows and shows available to order.


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Even the lifeless is moved

Courses and seminars

Aura of Puppets occasionally arranges seminars, workshops and courses on the art of puppet theatre and beyond. For information on upcoming events targeted at professionals and other puppet theatre enthusiasts, see our calendar and subscribe to our newsletter.

Workshops are also available to order. Contact us for more information:

Customized services

Do you want to learn the secrets of puppetry? How about a refreshing
workplace wellness day, in which puppets serve as mood boosters? Or
maybe you need fresh content for your performing arts class?

Whether you are planning a bachelor/ette or birthday party, a
Christmas party, a festival or some other event, Aura of Puppets will
gladly participate. Turn to us for any needs regarding workshop
leaders, puppetry professionals, public speakers or entire puppetry

Aura of Puppets provides several additional services from shadow
theatre courses to puppet building workshops and from history lectures
to applied puppetry projects. Contact us for more information:

Puppeteers come in many forms

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